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Barrel Sauna in Snow - Rozycki Woodworks
About Our Company
At Rozycki Woodworks LLC, we maintain our original company structure as a small family owned and operated business located in Royalton, Minnesota. Formed in 2005, our primary focus has been and continues to be producing handmade saunas and offering high quality sauna accessories.

Our saunas, True Bent Stave and Barrel Saunas, are made using high-grade Cedar in our one-man shop. We are able to produce our standard barrel saunas as well as customized options to fit your specific needs. All of our saunas are sold directly to our customers, forgoing third party involvement and increased overhead.  

Realizing that clients want both an excellent product and on-time, professional delivery we maintain a “one build at a time” policy. This allows for greater attention to detail, an aspect we take into high regard, as well as increased and deserved communication with the customer.

Barrel Sauna Venting System

Throughout the years we’ve made adjustments to improve product output and add increased value for our customers. Since operations began, we’ve upgraded certain equipment making it possible to produce an even better final sauna product. We’ve researched and sought-after new sources for improved base materials, allowing for increased structural strength and beauty. We redesigned our wood fired heater, adding an ash pan, heavy-duty grates and an optional water tank. Our doors on the Bent Stave and Barrel Saunas have also been modified to allow for a better seal, keeping more of the heat inside the sauna.

Today we maintain a reputation built on integrity, professionalism and timeliness. A reputation with a strong foundation rooted in equal-parts customer service and attention to quality craftsmanship. Whether we’re building a barrel sauna for a couple a few hundred miles away in Northern Minnesota or for a family a few thousand miles overseas in Holland, we always build them with the same standards.

Contact us and let us know what you have in mind; we can work together to develop a unique sauna for your needs. A time schedule can be established so your sauna can be delivered on a date that is best for you.

About the Rozycki Family
My wife, Bonnie and I (Seth) have one son who is 9 years old. Bonnie is an RN at a nearby hospital and I work in our wood shop. Below is a timeline of our experiences, hobbies and personal interests.
  Seth Rozycki Seth Rozycki & Son Bonnie Rozycki & Son  
2005 - - Our interests include, camping, bicycling, canoeing, boating, small outboard repair and fishing.  This fall the three of us were able to spend nine days paddling down the Mississippi river. We paddled approximately 250 miles from Schoolcraft State Park to our home in Little Falls. This spring we hope to canoe from Itasca State park to Schoolcraft State park, another few hundred miles.

2006 - - This year's canoe trip was great. We started near the Mississippi headwaters and paddled about 200 miles to Jacobson. We had great weather the entire time and again saw many animals. My highlights were seeing a Muskrat swimming under our canoe and also passing a duckling swimming under the water. We had a few freezing days but, it always warmed up quickly. I would recommend the first part of the Mississippi with it's steady current and narrow turns with the abundance of wildlife. We have no solid plans for next years trip but we're leaning towards a smaller river.

2007 - - This year has been a very busy year for the three of us. We sold our house in Little Falls and moved a few miles south to 5 acres of land near Royalton. We built a small shop and thanks to everyone, we've been able to settle in to our new surroundings. We spent most of our free time moving and setting up shop and were unable to make time for a canoe trip... hopefully next year.

2008 - - Seemed to go by with a blur. Our customers kept me busy in the shop and in our "off" time we worked on our house.  We had a great time at the Minnesota State Fair meeting new faces and talking to many people we delivered saunas to in the past year. We were able to deliver a couple of saunas to Colorado at Christmas and spent some time with family while we were there. We adopted a Bouvier Des Flanders puppy for our family. Her name is Bird and she has been a great addition to our family.    

2009 - - Another great year for us. We finished our house and are settling in. We were able to go on a few day trips on the Mississippi river stopping and exploring a couple of islands with the canoe.  We also went on a couple of short camping trips in the Chippewa National Forest and at a local State Forest. This year we adopted a tiny kitten named Roxi.

2010 - - We upgraded some of our equipment making it possible to produce an even better product. We redesigned our wood fired heater, adding an ash pan, heavy duty grates and now have an optional water tank.  Our doors on the barrel and tube saunas have also been changed to allow for a better seal, keeping more of the heat in.

2011 - - This year we went on a driving trip to the east coast. We spent time driving through Canada and on through New York to Maine. We spent several days in Acadia National Park before returning to Minnesota via Pennsylvania and Illinois. We loved the variety of different landscapes and cities. Salem was a highlight for Anthony. We planned on spending time in Boston, unfortunately this coincided with the Bruins winning the Stanley cup and the city was crazy.  

2012 - - We spent time on Crane Lake at the Rozycki Family cabin during a hot week in July - perfect for swimming. Following years of tent camping, we invested in a 1978 Avion camper and love it! After lots of work and saving our pennies, we moved into our new shop just in time for Christmas. We're  very excited and fortunate to have a great new space to improve on our saunas.

2013 - - This year after a slight mishap with our canoe (I backed it over during the winter) we invested in kayaks. We have been paddling small rivers and a few lakes. We are enjoying the peacefulness and maneuverability of the kayaks. In an effort to spend more time outdoors as a family, we also started spending more time on our bikes and camping. We hit the Jail Trail in St. Cloud for some great mountain biking and plan on doing the Cuyuna mountain bike trails this fall.

Check back for future updates on our family...

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